Fall Of The Viaduct

by Death By Steamship

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released October 26, 2009

Alex Myers - Guitar, Back-ups
Stefan Myers - Bass
Eric Simplot - Drums, Back-ups
Jason Simplot - Vocals, Percussion



all rights reserved


Death By Steamship Seattle, Washington

Ape shit art-punk from Seattle. Uh, yeah.

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Track Name: Thunderbolt
Yak. Yak. Yak. You know you never shut up oh no, you never shut up, oh no.
Track Name: Ocho
When's this shit show gonna end? After the seviche? Or maybe the pinata's? Got scratches on my forehead. It's back to work in the morning. No mas tequila por favor. These hispanic kids wanna see me dance. They sing "biala guerro" and shoot cap guns at my feet. So I skip and I hop. It's just a modern day version of cowboys and indians.
Track Name: Pill Hill Bells
Someone stick me on a plane to Chicago, 'cuz I'm so sick of this home. And she won't run away with me, to London, New York, or Toronto, maybe I'll just go it alone. The M's never seem to win, my toilets busted, bedbugs are back for the summer again. And those 5:30 pill hill bells remind me that I've done nothing. Someone stick me on a plane to Nashville, 'cuz I'm so sick of this home. And she won't run away with me, to Melbourne, Austin, or Silver City, maybe I'll just go it alone. RN's and NA's, wearin' glasses and scrubs, won't give me the time of day. Every door handle is a dummy knob that won't stay on. I know I'm skinny mom, not so well fed. Too much coffee, reading and smoking in bed. The neighborhoods quite and it keeps me out of trouble. There's sires all the time, though, and only a view of the sound from the street.
Track Name: Koi Fish & Dragonfly's
Can I follow you home, son? Could you spare a smoke or a quarter? Can I get five for a foot-long? First you wanted silver, now you're seeking the paper. Motherfucker, Subway ain't even open. Keep walkin' east up Jackson Street, headphones on, hood up. Watchin' vials fall from shaky crack hands. Year of the Cow. Come get your wagons pulled now. Weeks later in the middle of July, all blissed out on the sun. Stoned and drunk in the park at the block party, just havin' fun.
Track Name: Theme Song For A Belltown Psuedo Yuppie
Beemers and Benzos circle the block, like vultures looking for that left over parking spot. So many clients to meet today at the penthouse garden top. Risin' up like a motherfucking condo. Pressed collared shirt, a warm and inviting royal blue tie. Headin' to his 400,000 dollar home, after a hard day of selling 400,000 dollar homes. Push the poor and the crack in. Segmented and segregated, uh oh. Rush the rich and the white in. Segmented and Segregated, uh oh.
Track Name: The Greenspan Report
Everyday's a chorus in West Seattle. I hop the 125 on Columbia. I'm off on 19th and Dawson. We smoke a joint, talk about the garden. Fetch a cat from a tree, watch it puke in the neighbors lawn. Score my bag, a video game or two. Everyday's a chorus out on Alki. I hop the water taxi from pier 55. I'm off on the other side of the Sound. Let's walk the loop. Back of the bus, wind comin' through.